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Our Peak Male Institute team is comprised of highly trained physicians and health-care professionals.  They are focused on Holistic Medicine where you treat the entire body, addressing the causes of illness and disease, not just the symptoms. Healing methods involve more than just prescribing medications which is why we have compiled the highest quality staff possible.

dr. Arthur Hodge MD | HRT Expert



Our Medical Director, Dr. Hodge has over forty years experience with male hormones. Dr. Hodge’s medical career started in the Army where he was a Laboratory Officer at Fort Hood Army base in Texas. Then he became the only MD/Physician in a small Pennsylvania town. It was there he handled everything from emergencies to serious medical treatments for over 30 years.


Once a high level Track & Field athlete, he ran a 9.9 second 100 yard dash at the prestigious Penn State Relays. Later on, in his late Thirties, he took up the sport of powerlifting. In competition, he had a personal best 450 pound squat in the 198 pounds class.


For Forty plus years in medicine, Dr. Hodge been a passionate physician, and he has “Walked the Walk, not just Talked the Talk” in peak male performance!

dr ronald s bramson | HRT Specialist



Dr. Bramson is by training a Podiatrist and also a Physician Assistant with over 40 combined years working in the HealthCare System. Although retired from the Practice of Podiatry, he currently works in the Fields of Hormone Replacement Therapy at the Peak Male Institute (formerly Men’s Complete Health LLC) in Sarasota. In addition, he also holds expertise in the field of Regenerative Medicine. This includes administering PRP and Stem Cell injections at Advanced Rejuvenation – also located in Sarasota.


Dr. Bramson has been involved in Hormone Replacement Therapy for over 7 years and is himself a patient. A native of Chicago, he spent most of his professional career in the Washington DC area working in General Orthopedics. Next, he spent 2 years working for the United States Army at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. He then finally settled in Sarasota, Florida.


Dr. Bramson became interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy when he himself began experiencing the physical and other debilitating effects of having Low Testosterone. Treating his own low Testosterone symptoms made him astutely aware of the negative consequences of ignoring this growing healthcare concern among men. He considers exercise and nutrition to be fundamental in promoting optimum results from Hormone Replacement Therapy and is a staunch proponent of regular weight resistance training.

Dr. Michele Louiselle



Dr. Michele Louiselle has been involved in health and wellness for the last 30 years. She was a competitive bodybuilder in her youth through her 30s and still spends time in the gym 5 days a week. She began her medical studies in Oriental Medicine in 2007. That being said, Dr. Michele really found her calling in 2013 when she began to study Functional Medicine and its unique approach to a patient’s care. She specialized in hormone imbalances, digestive dysfunction and how nutrients affect the body.


Dr. M, as we affectionately call her, has passion for helping others unravel the process of disease and dysfunction. Her role here at Peak Male Institute is a bit different though. She closed her practice in 2019 to pursue the area of medicine that she really enjoys which is the behind-the-scenes processes of the clinic. So, while Dr.M still likes to share her two cents on patient care, and often times is used as a resource by the patients, she is busy directing the clinic and making sure our patients are happy. If you become a patient, you will definitely get to know her.

Paul Seguin | HRT Expert | CEO Peak Male Institute



Men’s Complete Health |Peak Male Institute| Wellness & BHRT Specialist


Paul is the definition of “Age is Just a Number”. Leading by example he is clearly a great role model for those who believe aging is inevitable. Getting older may not be an option, however, how we age is definitely within control for most of us. 


Paul has been at the forefront of anti-aging technology, Permanent Medical Weight Loss, and Hormone Replacement Therapy programs as a participant and recipient for years. The evidence of just how effective these new medical treatment programs and therapies are is evident by his health and appearance at the age of 70.


Thomas Parks - Director of Marketing

thomas parks

Director of Marketing

Thomas Parks is a former Professional Football and Baseball Player. After a successful career in professional sports, and a number of years in sales, he is now the Director of Marketing for Peak Male Institute. Being a former athlete who achieved a level of success very few attain, brings a unique understanding of what it takes to not just stay healthy, but to compete physically at an elite level.


Now in his mid-level years as a business professional, he understands how important taking care of our health is to prepare for a much better third chapter of life. 

Dr. Bino Rucker

Bino Rucker, M.D.


Dr. Bino Rucker is a Urologist, former cancer surgeon, and Medical Director at Rucker Integrative Medicine.


Dr. Rucker graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School and performed his residency at Sloan Kettering.

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