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Permanent Medical Weight Loss

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Our doctors at Peak Male Institute specialize in discovering and treating the root metabolic and lifestyle causes, not just the symptoms of those who are chronically overweight. If you have been struggling with diets and exercise resulting in minimal or no long-term reduction in body fat, it’s time to contact Peak Male Institute. Our Permanent Medical Weight Loss Treatment plans will get you lasting results!

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What Is Permanent Medical weight loss?

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Peak Male’s approach to weight loss has evolved over the past 10 years working with many men that have gone on “Fad Diets” only to gain the weight back again.


Our Doctors have found that a multi-model approach along with creating specific plans for each individual person to be the most successful.


Weight Gain can often trigger hormone imbalances, resulting in pro-inflammatory responses affecting the body’s production of insulin, thyroid hormones, cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone, in addition to many other hormones. To achieve permanent weight loss, it’s important to address all factors that may interfere with the body’s ability to maintain a healthy metabolism.


Reviewing an integrated wellness plan along with lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep, chronic stress, eating, and exercise habits are all necessary to successfully lose weight.

which hormones affect weight loss or gain?

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How can men address Hormone imbalances?

The hormones and metabolic processes listed above often go away with proper diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. While supplements and specialized diets may address the symptoms of hormone imbalances, they often do not get to the causes.

An integrated approach

Usually, an integrated approach addressing all these factors is needed to successfully and permanently lose weight.


To meet the Permanent Medical Weight Loss team at our Peak Male Institute, please Go To Our contact page.

Step 1

When you first arrive at our Sarasota HRT clinic, Peak Male will set up a consultation to evaluate your symptoms both past and current.

Medical History

At this time we’ll review your medical history and medical records. In addition, we will discuss your diet, lifestyle, health concerns, medications, and health goals. This step allows the Peak Male Institute Experts to better address your needs.
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Step 2

After your HRT consultation, Peak Male will provide you with a physical exam to determine the status of your general health.

Physical Exam

The physical exam is a precursor to your lab analysis and blood test results. Your medical exam and blood panel will give our Weight Loss Doctors the personalized data we need to prescribe your custom-tailored plan.
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Step 3
Lab Analysis

Patients will get an in-depth lab test that will help us discover the areas that need improvement.

Lab Work Analysis

We will test everything from testosterone, growth hormone, dihydrotestosterone, thyroid, c-reactive protein, dehydroepiandrosterone, fsh, lh, psa, homocisteine, b12, vitamin d, magnesium, and many other health biomarkers that will point out everything about your individual biochemistry.
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Step 4

After our Doctors & Specialists analyze your blood results we will review a proposed personalized plan.

Coaching & Support

A detailed comprehensive plan is designed to meet your unique biological needs. Our Weight Loss experts will closely monitor your health, hormone levels, progress, and make any necessary adjustments. Our unique individualized follow-up and support system is designed to provide you with the personalized attention you need during your treatment program.
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What Are THE SIGNS THAT Medical weight loss may BE NEEDED?

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Despite what we are told, the number on the scale isn’t always a simple reflection of how many calories we consume vs. the number we burn. And often, the stress brought on by extreme diets and exercise undermines them entirely—resulting in unwanted weight gain. Most often the key factor to losing unwanted belly fat, gaining energy, clarity, and improving mood lies with your hormones.

Many of the chronic symptoms above require more than a modification in exercise and diets to achieve results.




consultation starting as low as

$99 / One Time

Includes Lab-Work • Physical Exam • Weight Loss Consultation

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Studies show most males would benefit from a Medically Supervised and Monitored TRT program. Increased Energy, Better Stamina, Quicker Recovery From Workouts, Improved Mood or Sense Of Well Being, Better Cognitive Function, and Sleep. For a Limited Time, we are providing the first bottle of TESTOSTERONE at NO COST for those patients who qualify. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TRT – Click Here.

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how do we achieve permanent weight loss?

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After a thorough assessment, our staff may use:

An integrated approach

At Peak Male Institute we recommend a fully integrated approach addressing medical and lifestyle factors to successfully and permanently lose weight and improve your health.


To meet the Permanent Medical Weight Loss team at our Peak Male Institute, please Go To Our contact page.

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permanent medical weight loss programs

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